Music is a language within itself and those that bring words and music together (the song) teach us how to experience the deepest expression within ourselves into this physical existence (the dance).

The dance of life is expressed in may ways (the art).  This is all brought on by inspiration (you).  We are one with the consciousness that brought our universe into being and has perpetuated evolution throughout our years in existence and beyond.

Together Ray Laflin, the songwriter, musician, and performer, Traci Owens, the artist and dancer, and you, the inspiration, co-create an event full of movement and emotion in every show…called Rhythm & Hues.

This expression of life is compressed onto a 20 foot stage, 10 feet high and as deep as we can go to bring to the surface the calling of passions we hold deep within ourselves.

You, together with Ray and Traci can bring out the most passionate music and art experience you will ever know.  Just as you will inspire us, we hope to inspire you to embrace and continue to quest for a deeper and higher experience with each show.

Join Rhythm & Hues on their journey in the dance of life.


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