Ray Laflin

The deeper the lyrics, the more dramatic the music, the better the song. And if it moves you to dance, all the better. This is what Ray Laflin does to bring one’s spirit to life.

A pianist, a drummer, a guitarist, a vocalist, a performer and most of all a writer, Laflin brings it to the stage with passion. As a lead guitarist, vocalist and drummer, Laflin covers half the instrumentation for the award winning band Dream and the Dreamer. Now he brings his talents to the stage as he merges his original music with the visual performing artist, Traci Owens, in the group”Rhythm & Hues”.

More about Ray, visit his website

Traci Owens

Arts is a form of art in which artist use their voices and/or bodies often in relation to other objects to convey artistic expression. Traci Owens is a visual performing artist who uses her paint, canvas and various materials to create physical or static art.

Owens love for music and dance has led her to expand her creative talents to the stage. From Latin to pop she pushes her brushers across the canvas with only the rhythm guiding her intuitive expressions. For Owens the excitement brought to the stage is intensified by Laflin and his original music and the emotions that are sure to show up throughout each performance.

More about Traci visit her website

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